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Project no.4

Multilevel residence complex


House complex under construction for sale near Schinias beach, Greece. Invest in real estate and get a property in a rising tourist destination for a bargain price. The residential complex is on the finishing stage (approx. 80-90%), total surface – 717m². Total landmass of the plot is 1043m². Access to the beach 8 min. walk.

 It consists of:

  • 2 two-room apartments of 53.40m²

  • 2 maisonettes of 116.10m² . 2 SOLD OUT

  • 2 maisonettes of 169.95m² with a swimming pool

  • Independent entrances

  • 3 shared warehouses of 13m².

  • Outdoor parking for each apartment

The complex features:

  • Stairs from Moroccan marble "California honey"

  • Window sills

  • Ιnstallation of aluminum energy frames 

  • Tiles on the verandas of the upper floors

  • Natural stone fence (between the houses)

  • Recording camera at the entrance

  • Aluminum fence and entry gate (from the front side)

  • Electrical wiring, water pipes and sewerage

  • Connection to electricity (7 meters)

  • Connection to water supply (7 meters)

  • Water Tank

  • Insulation of the roof

  • Colored stucco exterior walls

  • Telephone and antenna wiring

  • Waterproofing floors and coatings

  • Thermal laying of Belgian asphalt tiles

  • Stainless steel metal frames

All the buildings feature:

  • Anti-seismicity design

  • Fire-places

  • Lightsome, south-directed rooms

  • Spacious verandas

  • Double-glazed windows with shaded, sun-protection glass

  • Autonomous heating

  • Electrical shutters

  • Mesh panel that keeps insects out

  • Central  antenna

  • Fence with aluminum grille

  • Land shaft design

  • Built-in kitchen cupboards and wardrobes in the bedrooms

  • Open-plan kitchen-living room design

  • Digital phone connection in each room

  • Parking lot

  • Security camera at the entrance

Final price for individual apartments (including VAT):

  • 2 room apartments (A1, A2), 53,4 m²
    110 000€ each. 

  • 4 room apartments (Β1, B2), 116,1 m² 
    180 000€ each. SOLD OUT

  • 5 room apartments (B3, Β4) 169,5 m², four-level, with a swimming pool and private land plots (173 m² and 230 m²)

      280 000€ each.

Ιt can be completed in 2-7 months after the sale.

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