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Alexis Ignatiadis

Freelance architect is owned by freelance architect and construction developer Alexis Ignatiadis. His expertise in the area of Schinias started before 2004, when building his first residential complex, which was immediately sold out. Since then, Alexis has been responsible for a series of properties for private investors, including maisonettes and villas. 


Member of the Union of Engineers from 1976.

Member of the Greek Union of Construction Companies from 2004.

Owner of a private company for designing and construction of real estate.


  • Choice of plot for construction.

  • Building, Design and Construction.

  • Sale and rent of real estate.

  • Reconstruction and finishing works.

  • Decoration of interiors.

  • Creation of landscape design.

Alexis Ignatiadis. Freelance architect and developer, with expertise in the area of Schinias, Marathon.
MSc Architect

+30 6936779170

Executed Projects.