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On the outskirts of Athens: SCHINIAS - MARATHON




Apartments, townhouses, villas for sale in Schinias – Marathon

one of Athens most famous vacation area. The properties are situated about 40 km from Athens in the estate called “Themis” (the Greek Judges and Attorneys Housing Estate) next to one of the best beaches in Greece, stretching for many miles along the pine tree forest.

With a splendid view over Schinias National Park and the Aegean Sea, it is ideal for stay.

About a 5 min drive, there are local taverns, further afield there are a number of supermarkets, bars and nightclubs.

The Olympic Canoe Center is in vicinity.

The properties are located in half-an-hour drive from the airport.

Residence permit in Greece for investors outside the EU, who buy properties worth over 250 000 Euro.